Quarantine, What Now?

The Quarantine Life

This is what we consider the new normal. At this point proper sleeping schedules are a complete joke. Somestimes I'll go to sleep around the randomest times in the morning and I honetly have no idea why. Yes, it may be unhealthy, but what can we do. There is not much to do but go on walks and stay indoors. Although it can be annoying staying home 24/7. It has allowed me to start a new hobby. I currently spend a majority of my time now either cooking or painting.It is pretty theraputic in my opinon. I also spend time looking at new models of cars that are set to release next year. My interest in cars started as a young girl.


Here are some cars I have spotted before quarantine. I hope you enjoy this photo dump.

...And if you wondered how much I have been sleeping lately