The Plastic Problem

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What is the Plastic Problem?

Beach with Plastic
Beach filled with Plastic Waste

The world population is growing at a fast rate. With that being said, humans will produce more plastic waste as time progresses. This not only affects our oceans, but it also creates an insane amount of land pollution. While we may not thing of our effects on the environment, most of our plastic waste ends up in the ocean. When this happens, it is then consumed by marine animals. We fail to realise that we too eat those marine animals, so we are all ingesting plastic. This is one of the largest environmental threats facing humans and animals globally.

A Clearer Look into Our Problem

This video by PBS goes in depth as to why we need to protect our environment.

Recycling Spots in NYC

Protocol in NYC

NYC aims to reduce 90% of its waste by the year 2030. Mayor De Blasio wants to make the city sustainable. Measures have been taken already by banning expanded polystyrene foam. The also implemented the collection of compost.The goal is to implement single-stream recycling collection for metal, glass, plastic and paper products by 2020, according to the Waste 360 website. This plan also includes the reduction of single use plastic bags. Along with these goals, NYC plans to cut down on their green house emissions by 80% by 2050.